How we invest...

All stocks are purchased within 60 days upon receiving a valid donation. The entire donation (100%) will be invested and preserved. After an initial investment, all stock is held for at least a year and a day before a gain or loss is realized. If a loss is realized, the stock shall remain dormant until a gain is realized. If the stock's value exceeds the value of the donation, a gain is realized. All gains are equally distributed between selected Computer Science Students, donation reinvestment, and maintenance of the fund. Donation reinvestment will increase the original donation value. All stock gained through a reinvestment shall be held for at least a year and a day before another gain or loss is realized.

Computer Science Students can be awarded stocks directly from the fund. In such a case, only an entire share(s) can be awarded. Each share shall be owned by the student and shall bare the student's full given name. Cost of transferring a stock from this fund to a Computer Science Student is paid by the maintenance and management fees described above.

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